Reading ebooks on Google Play Books isn’t just comfortable, it’s also convenient. You can read almost anywhere and anytime you want, so long as you have access to your mobile device and Wi-Fi or data connection. But if you aren’t using Google Play Books to its full advantage, then you’re probably missing out on the best reading experience possible. These 10 secrets of Google Play Books are sure to make your ebook reading experience better than ever before! 10 Secrets of Google Play Books That Every Book Lover Needs to Know

1) Read Free Books

You can read any book from a list of over 700,000 titles absolutely free if you own a device that supports Google Play Books. All you need is an internet connection and a library card (or some other proof that you’re an adult). It doesn’t matter how new or old your device is – newer devices will have better screens and faster CPUs, but they don’t necessarily have anything special on them. You can read your books from any connected device, as long as it has at least 512MB memory.

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2) Over 16 million books in Google play

Because it’s integrated into Android, which is used by over a billion people. But hey, some stats are just fun numbers. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! There are over 16 million books on Google Play Books. In fact, there’s so many that even Amazon can’t compete with that sheer volume of content. When it comes to number of titles available on both stores, Amazon only has 2 million books in its library.

3) Use your public library

Chances are you’re already making good use of your local public library, but there are a few simple things you can do to maximize your library experience. The first is pretty obvious: if you don’t have a membership or if it’s expired, get one! And then make use of all those awesome resources—many libraries offer book clubs and story times for kids, among other services.

4) Sync with the Goodreads app

You can sync your book data with Goodreads, a third-party website and app that offers detailed reviews and recommendations for books. While you don’t need to do this to use your Play Books library, it’s an easy way to keep track of titles you’ve read or are planning on reading. To sync your data, just log into Goodreads with your Google account from within either app.

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5) Download multiple books at once

Though you can only download one book at a time, most titles that are available in e-book format are also available on Google Play. It’s easier than ever to load up on your next read, so take advantage and download a few titles at once. Just make sure you’re not downloading more books than you have time for; reading takes dedication!

6) Listen and read anytime, anywhere

Not all ebooks are created equal. Some publishers and authors offer ebooks with digital rights management (DRM), which means you can only read them on certain devices, like Kindle or iBooks apps—but not on others, like your phone. The books available in Google Play Books aren’t protected by DRM: so you can buy a book one day and use it on any device you want—phone, tablet, or laptop.

7) Highlight text while reading

Tap and hold a word or sentence you want to highlight. When you release your finger, a menu appears with a number of options for marking your text, including Add note (to write a brief annotation) and View note (to read previously added notes). If you choose Highlight, your selection is highlighted in yellow. To remove highlights from a passage, tap and hold on it until a check mark appears next to it; then tap Delete. Borrow books: If you’re an Amazon Prime member ($99/year), Google will let you borrow one book per month for free.

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8) Create notes while reading

Because your phone is always with you, it’s a great way to capture ideas or thoughts as they occur. Even if you don’t have time for a full-blown journal entry, jotting down some notes about your reading can help solidify important points for future reference. And because most apps include syncing features, there’s no reason not to be reading on one device and recording your thoughts on another.

10 Secrets of Google Play Books That Every Book Lover Needs to Know
10 Secrets of Google Play Books That Every Book Lover Needs to Know

9) Try listening on an Android phone

It’s not just iPad lovers who can enjoy audiobooks on Google Play—Android users are in luck, too! You can play downloaded audiobooks on Android devices and even stream audiobooks with a WiFi connection. Downloading books takes a few extra steps compared to iOS, but once you’re set up you’ll be able to listen just like an Apple user.

10) The benefits of using the audiobook player

One really nice thing about audiobooks is that, when compared to listening to a book on tape, you get a more pleasurable experience. You don’t have to rewind or fast forward and you can play them in your car or listen while you do something else like cooking or cleaning around your house. Plus, it’s easier on your eyes and ears because there’s no glare from reading materials. It makes you want to read even more!

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