Google Contacts has long been one of the most useful and under-appreciated aspects of Gmail. It allows you to store and share contact information with any of your Gmail contacts, as well as with people who use other email providers like Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, and more. But did you know that there are some really cool tricks to using Google Contacts? Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Contacts! 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google Contacts

1) Create a searchable database of your contacts

Google Contacts is a nice way to keep all of your contacts in one place and have easy access to them. But there are some other nifty tricks you can do with it. Here are ten of the best.

1) Create a new contact from an email: Double-click on the sender’s name in the To field and select Add to contacts. If you want, add more information about the contact, including their phone number or address.

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2) Merge duplicate contacts

Google Contacts can be a great tool for managing all of your contacts. However, it’s not always easy to keep all of your contacts organized. Luckily, there are many ways that you can merge duplicate contacts within the app.

 1) Start by opening the menu and selecting ‘merge duplicates’. The app will then search through your contact list and find any duplicate entries with matching phone numbers or email addresses. 2) If you don’t want the app to automatically merge any matches that it finds, select ‘show only duplicates with matching names’ instead.

3) Resend mail to multiple recipients

In order to send an email to multiple recipients at once, you’ll first need to create a group. First, go to the contact card of one of the people you want in your group. Next, click on Create Group and enter a name for your group (e.g., Book Club). After that, you can add other contacts by clicking on Add People and selecting their contact cards.

4) Set up profiles for different email addresses

If you have multiple email addresses and want to keep them all in one place, then you can use Google Contacts to do so. Setting up profiles for each address will allow you to view the contacts associated with it in a separate tab. In addition, you’ll be able to import or export all of your contacts at once rather than individually.

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Choose your contact’s photo: If you have photos saved on your phone or computer that correspond with certain people in your contact list, then Google Contacts allows you to set those as their profile pictures.

5) Download your data as CSV file

Google has made it really easy for you to download your data in a variety of formats. Here are 10 things you may not have known that you could do with your contact list. (1) Get the contact’s phone number: If you want someone’s phone number, type their name and then press Ctrl + enter on the keyboard. The person’s email address will appear at the top left and their phone number will appear at the bottom right. (2) Make sure they’re still alive: If there is an email address but no phone number, then that person might be dead because most people would prefer if someone contacted them by email before calling them on the telephone.

6) Update names, addresses, phone numbers and more

Google Contacts is a free service provided by Google that allows you to store and organize your contact information. The best part is that it’s backed up and synced, so all of your contacts are always with you! If you’re not already using Google Contacts, here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do with it:

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– Update names, addresses, phone numbers and more.

7) Import entire contact lists from other services

One of the most useful features of Google contacts is its ability to sync with other services. When you import your contact list from another service, all of your contact information will be imported and synced to your Google account.

8) Add pictures & special characters

1. Create a group 2. Add people to the group 3. Share the group with someone 4. Remove someone from the group 5. Change your group’s name 6. Send an email to everyone in your list 7. Share a file 8. Add someone to your favorite contacts 9. Create a contact form 10. Copy all contacts

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google Contacts
10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google Contacts

9) Schedule SMS texts from your desktop computer!

Google Contacts can do more than just store your contacts information. Did you know that you can send SMS texts from your desktop computer? It’s a great way to manage communications with customers and employees without having to be on the phone all day. All you need is a Gmail account, a copy of the Android SDK, and a little bit of programming knowledge.

10) Useful keyboard shortcuts

– Shift+Delete: Deselect one or more contacts.

– Ctrl+Shift+N: Create a new contact list.

– Ctrl+Shift+C: Copy all contacts from one account to another.

– Ctrl+A: Select all the contacts in the list. Use Ctrl+C to copy them and then use Ctrl+V to paste them into a new document. Now you can export that file as CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc., for easy viewing and sharing.

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