Windows 10 installation media, windows 10 key, windows 10 safe mode, windows 10 pro, windows 10 media creation tool, windows 10 download, Windows 10 has been around for almost two years, and it continues to be one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Microsoft has really pulled out all the stops to ensure that Windows 10 is both stable and secure, but it’s also packed with great features that you might not have discovered yet. Here are ten Windows 10 tricks you should definitely take advantage of next time you boot up your computer. 10 Tricks to Make Windows 10 Even Better

1) The Start Menu
This feature is arguably what users have been wanting since Microsoft abandoned it in Windows 8.1. The new Start Menu lets you pin your favorite apps and programs, as well as your documents, pictures, videos and music files; there’s also a search function for finding exactly what you need in a jiffy.

2) Tablet Mode
Tablet mode makes using a laptop feel more like using a tablet, even if you’re on your computer at home. If you’re trying to get work done on your desktop, but it just feels too distracting, tablet mode is a nice way to turn it into a touch-screen device that’s easier on your eyes.

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3) Tablet Mode for Phones
Speaking of phones, Microsoft has made a lot of noise about a new feature in Windows 10 called Continuum. This is perhaps best explained as tablet mode for phones. It lets you use your phone like an oversized tablet by connecting it to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. We had some fun testing out Continuum on Lumia 950s and 950XLs at Mobile World Congress, but we’ll have more news when our review units are available later in March.

4) A Hidden Window Interface
One of those things is what you see: With a simple button press and toggle, it’s possible to switch between two different interfaces. The first view shows you all your open windows in rows for easy access; use it when you want multiple documents on screen at once. The second interface places all your open windows as tiles on one page, making it easy to find that document or program you need; use it when you want only one item on screen at a time.

5) A Hidden Action Center
The Action Center in Windows 8.1 is also present in Windows 10, but it’s been improved slightly. You can now pin items from within apps directly to your Action Center, which will let you have quick access directly from there. Just right-click on any option within an app and select Show Action Center options to access these controls. When you do, a small window will pop up with Pin and Unpin buttons; just click them like you would with other pinned items.

10 Tricks to Make Windows 10 Even Better
10 Tricks to Make Windows 10 Even Better

6) A Hidden Quick Access Menu
Every operating system has a quick access menu and while some people may not realize it, there’s one in Windows 10, too. To access it, simply right-click on your desktop and then click Show quick access at the bottom of your screen. This will create a new panel that you can use to launch files, apps and more with just one click.

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7) Virtual Desktops
One of my favorite new features in Windows 10 is called virtual desktops. I use it constantly, and I love it. You can think of a virtual desktop as one additional monitor that you didn’t have to buy or plug in.

8) Auto-Connect VPNs
If you work from home or travel frequently, connect your computer to a virtual private network (VPN) service. You can use public Wi-Fi safely and securely when connected through a VPN—all you have to do is enter an IP address in your PC’s connection settings. And if that doesn’t make sense, just know that using a VPN helps keep your internet traffic secure by encrypting all of it first so no one else can see it.

9) Add Folders to Quick Access Menu
Quick access lets you see your most-used files and folders. You can add your favorite folders here, too. Right-click any folder, select More, then choose Add to Quick Access. From now on, that folder will appear whenever you tap or click Quick access. (Want an easier way? Use File Explorer’s Ribbon menu.)

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10) Personalize Your Taskbar Buttons
Did you know that there are actually a ton of great hidden features in Windows 10? Sure, you may be familiar with all of its most obvious ones—but it’s time to learn some lesser-known features. Did you know, for example, that you can customize your taskbar buttons? That’s right: You can change up those icons at will and make them mean whatever you want. Learn how!

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