If you’re reading this article on your computer, there’s a strong chance that it has integrated graphics and most of the heavy lifting of your desktop tasks are being done by the CPU, which means your GPU is almost always idling. If you want to get the most out of your graphics card, you need to enable hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows. Here’s how to do it! 3 Easy Steps to Make Windows Fall in Love with Your GPU

Step 1

Download GeForce Experience and install it on your computer. Open up GeForce Experience, click Optimize, select your game from a list of games you’ve recently played and hit optimize. This will optimize everything for you. Just be aware that changing some of these settings may cause some instability, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll want to play around with them yourself to get it just right, or better yet, research how each setting can affect performance!

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Step 2

Enable 3D Applications for use with 3D Hardware : First, open up a new Microsoft DOS prompt. To do so, simply hit Windows + R on your keyboard, and then type cmd. This should load a window similar to that shown below

3 Easy Steps to Make Windows Fall in Love with Your GPU
3 Easy Steps to Make Windows Fall in Love with Your GPU

Step 3

Configure Priority Settings. To enable hardware acceleration on your system, you will have to set your applications’ process priority above normal. What is normal?

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