Windows 10 has lots of new features and many of them are good. However, not all the features make your life easier, so in this article I am going to present you 5 tricks that will help you make life with Windows 10 easier. I really hope that these tips will be useful to you! 5 Tricks to make life easier with Windows 10

1) Create Shortcuts Using The Keyboard
In Windows 8 and now in Windows 10, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to create desktop shortcuts. Here’s how: Open a File Explorer window on your desktop and go to Computer > C: > User. At top of that folder, right-click in an empty area and choose New > Shortcut.

2) Use Snipping Tool Instead of Screenshots
If you are using a Mac, have been around Microsoft’s operating systems for a while, or just like taking screenshots, you will be sad to see that Windows 10 no longer has a built-in screen capture tool. And while you can use software such as Snagit or Jing to take simple screenshots (or even videos) on your PC, you may not know that there is an alternative built right into every version of Windows: The Snipping Tool.

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3) Keyboard Shortcuts – Useful for E-mails
Did you know that hitting Shift+Enter when replying to an e-mail will automatically insert a new line between paragraphs? Did you also know that holding down Ctrl while clicking will allow you to select multiple items at once, and Shift+Clicking allows you to add them all into your queue or delete them at once? There are many other shortcut keys available—you can find a list here. Take some time and explore!

5 Tricks to make life easier with Windows 10
5 Tricks to make life easier with Windows 10

4) Two Ways To Launch Programs From File Explorer
You can launch programs by typing their name into File Explorer’s search box, or you can right-click a program’s shortcut and choose Open file location. If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts in File Explorer, use Alt+D to open your computer and then press Alt+P. You’ll see a list of all your installed programs.

5) Change Your Default PDF Viewer
PDF Viewer can be used as a PDF reader and document editor. But, if you have Microsoft Office installed, PDF Viewer is automatically set as your default program for .pdf files. If you aren’t satisfied with PDF Viewer (or just want it out of sight), you can change your default program in a few quick steps.

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