Ad blockers are blocking more than just ads on websites, they’re blocking Google Analytics as well. But there’s an easy way to avoid being blocked by your own website visitors. Using Google Tag Manager, you can swap out the Google Analytics snippet being blocked, but only when it’s needed, and not on every page of your website. It’s an elegant solution that ensures you always have access to your analytics data without requiring any changes to your website code or templates! Ad blocking is no match for Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that lets users manage their website’s tags without needing to edit each individual website’s code. Google Tags are simple snippets of JavaScript code that collect data on visitor activity, and because they don’t change how your website appears, they remain effective even if a user has installed an ad-blocking software. Because it doesn’t require any manual changes to your site’s source code, you can be up and running with Google Tag Manager in minutes.

Ad blocking is no match for Google Tag Manager
Ad blocking is no match for Google Tag Manager

How does GTM work?

GTM works by allowing you to set up tags on your site or app. Tags are simple lines of code that send information back to a centralized database, also known as a tag manager account. A tag can be anything, like how many people have visited your website or how much money you made last month. You don’t have to worry about writing any of these lines of code yourself because GTM does it all for you.

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4 Important Things to Know Before Switching to GTM

First, consider your needs. If you want to implement an ad blocker, it’s going to depend on your business’s needs as well as how many users you have who block ads.

5 Wacky Ways Companies Are Using GTM

The Google Tag Manager tool has a lot of uses, from gathering data to optimizing landing pages. But what are some really creative ways companies are using GTM?

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