It’s official: Amazon is set to publish the upcoming game in the iconic Tomb Raider series. This news was announced at the recent E3 video game expo, and fans of the franchise are already buzzing with excitement. Amazon’s entry into the gaming market is a big move, and it will be interesting to see what the company does with one of the world’s most beloved franchises. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the announcement and explore what Amazon’s involvement could mean for the future of the Tomb Raider series. Amazon Will Publish the Next Tomb Raider Game

Amazon Announces Plans to Publish the Next Tomb Raider Game

Amazon has just announced that they will be the publisher for the next Tomb Raider game. This news comes as a surprise to many, as Amazon is not usually associated with video games.

The next installment of the Tomb Raider franchise will be released in 2021 and is being developed by Eidos-Montréal, who have previously worked on titles such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

It’s not clear what platforms the new Tomb Raider game will be available on, but it is likely that it will be released on PC and console. Amazon is already making its presence felt in the gaming world, having recently launched Luna, its cloud gaming service.

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This announcement is yet another sign of Amazon’s ambitions in the gaming industry. With their vast resources and expertise, Amazon could be a major player in the gaming world. It will be exciting to see how this partnership between Amazon and Eidos-Montréal develops in the future.

What This Means for the Future of the Franchise

The news that Amazon will be publishing the next Tomb Raider game is a major development for the beloved video game franchise. This is the first time that the series has been taken on by a tech giant like Amazon, and the possibilities for the future are truly exciting.

The fact that Amazon will be publishing the game could mean several different things for the series. One possibility is that Amazon could use its vast technological and financial resources to bring new life to the franchise, making it more immersive and visually stunning than ever before. Amazon also has access to cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing and virtual reality, which could allow them to create a truly next-gen experience.

Another possibility is that Amazon could offer the game as an exclusive title on its platform. This would give fans of the series a chance to purchase and play the game without having to buy any other console or gaming device. This would also be beneficial for Amazon, as it would create an additional source of revenue for them.

Finally, Amazon could use their extensive network to promote the game and build up hype around its release. With millions of customers across the globe, Amazon could make sure that Tomb Raider reaches a wide audience and is given the attention it deserves.

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Whatever happens with the next Tomb Raider game, one thing is certain: it’s sure to be a major event for fans of the series. The possibilities for what Amazon could bring to the franchise are exciting and we can’t wait to find out what they have in store.

What Other Games Has Amazon Published?

Amazon, the popular online retail giant, is venturing into the world of gaming. The company recently announced that they will be publishing the next installment of the popular Tomb Raider franchise. This is not the first time Amazon has been involved in the gaming industry. In the past, Amazon has published a number of games, from mobile and browser titles to even console releases.

In 2017, Amazon released the game Breakaway for PC, an arena-based sports game designed for streaming. The game was developed by Amazon Game Studios in collaboration with Double Helix Games and released exclusively on Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform. The game was later shut down in 2018 due to lack of support.

Amazon also released another game for PC in 2017 called Lumberyard, which is a free-to-play 3D game engine used for game development. This game engine is used by developers to create games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Another notable title published by Amazon was Crucible, a sci-fi shooter released in 2020. Despite being heavily marketed prior to launch, Crucible received a lukewarm reception from critics and players alike. The game was eventually reworked and re-released as a free-to-play title in 2021.

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Amazon has also recently partnered with Ubisoft to publish their upcoming game, Riders Republic. The game is an open world extreme sports experience set in beautiful outdoor environments. Riders Republic is scheduled to be released in 2021 for PC and consoles.

It looks like Amazon is continuing to invest more and more in the gaming industry. With its upcoming release of the new Tomb Raider title, Amazon is making a big statement about its commitment to the gaming space. It will be interesting to see what other projects Amazon has in store for gamers in the future.

What Does This Mean for the Gaming Industry?

The announcement that Amazon will be publishing the next Tomb Raider game has caused quite a stir in the gaming industry. For one thing, it signals a shift in the traditional publisher-developer relationship.

In the past, the publisher had complete control over the development and release of a game. The publisher was responsible for marketing, production, and distribution of the title, while the developer focused on making the game. Now, however, Amazon’s involvement in the project is expected to give the developer more control over their work.

Amazon Will Publish the Next Tomb Raider Game
Amazon Will Publish the Next Tomb Raider Game

In addition, Amazon’s involvement could open up new possibilities for digital distribution. While Amazon is known primarily as an online retailer, they also have a powerful digital distribution platform. This could provide gamers with more options for how they buy and play the game. It could also allow developers to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Ultimately, only time will tell what Amazon’s involvement in the next Tomb Raider game means for the gaming industry. However, it certainly points to an interesting shift in the traditional publisher-developer relationship, as well as potential opportunities for developers to reach more players than ever before.

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