Apple has added new per-website dark mode toggle to Safari. The toggle lets users easily switch between websites with dark mode on or off regardless of their system-wide settings. With this move, Apple will be giving users more control over which websites have dark mode enabled than before, making it easier for them to avoid sites that don’t support the feature, and to enable it for sites that do. Apple’s new plan to add per-website dark mode

Apple working on a solution

With a swipe of a switch in your iPhone or iPad’s settings, you can make all websites appear as they would with an iPhone . Since it runs on top of system-wide Dark Mode, Apple will likely let users toggle Dark Mode for individual websites. That means that if you don’t want sites like Hulu to switch into sepia tones when you visit them, you won’t have to flip on Dark Mode.

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Why this is important

Dark modes are helpful for nighttime reading, and they can also help save battery life on mobile devices. Back in January, Apple introduced a smart Dark Mode feature in macOS Mojave. Since then, users have requested that Apple bring Dark Mode to iOS devices as well.

How it works

If you access a website often and would like to enable dark mode for that site, you can now do so. Simply go into Safari settings > Dark Mode > Add Websites… Then enter any website into Safari URL bar and click on Add. You will see your chosen website appear in Allowed Websites list within Settings menu. Now whenever you visit that specific site, it will automatically switch over to Dark Mode. This also works across multiple browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Apple's new plan to add per-website dark mode
Apple’s new plan to add per-website dark mode

How it should work

Dark Mode should be available on all sites, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on for each website you visit. When you arrive at a site and click on Dark Mode, that theme will become your default for browsing that specific site and when you leave, it will revert back to normal.

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What they can improve

Apple plans to add a feature that will allow websites to provide a quick toggle for dark mode, which would make Safari truly customizable. Apple hasn’t announced exactly when it will introduce these settings, but some developers with apps installed on iOS say they can see a Smart Invert Colors option in their testing devices. So far there are no screenshots or videos of how it looks .

How you can help?

Apple has yet to comment on whether or not it will be adding a per-website toggle for dark mode, but if it does decide to implement such a feature, there are two things you can do to help. First off, you can use a new tool called DarkSaver that enables you to enable or disable your current websites’ custom night modes on a whim.

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