Deleted your important data by mistake! Don’t worry, we will tell you ways to recover your precious data. If your phone does not have a Recycle Bin or Recent Delete folder, then you will not be able to recover those deleted photos and videos. Photo or video recovery apps will solve your problem. With the help of these apps, you can recover deleted photos, videos or audio files from the phone. Later you can select them and restore again. So let us tell you about such apps in this article.

Android Recovery

Apps to recover Deleted Photos and Videos

When we delete any kind of data from our phone, then it gets deleted, but it is stored inside the phone in image format. When we keep deleting things continuously, then gradually the new data deleted deletes the old one forever. That is, the new image replaces the old one. In such a situation, the data is lost from the phone forever. When the phone is factory restored or formatted data can be lost forever.

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DiskDigger photo recovery
File Recovery – Restore Files
Photo & Video & Audio Recover
Deleted File Recovery
File Recovery – Recover Deleted Files
Application for Android

Other Ways to recover data

Google Photos is a pre-loaded photo storage application on your phone. When you sign in to your Gmail account on your phone, you’re also signing into Google Suite (your phone’s native Google apps). This means there is an excellent chance that your photos are saved in the Google Photos app.

For the most part, Google Photos will only upload images to the drive when your phone is plugged in, connected to WiFi, and the app is open. So, if you’re looking to use this as a backup option, periodically ensure that those requirements are met.

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