CEO Drew Perkins gave a video interview, where he tried on an AR lens prototype that’s not yet on the market from Mojo Vision. Perkins was amazed at what he saw and tried to describe the experience, saying this lens doesn’t make you look like Cyclops or anything, but it does give you directions, show you images…I used it to read my teleprompter perfectly! It was better than the one I use normally, which I paid $1,200 for! CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can’t Believe What He Sees

Why AR is superior

Perkins confirmed that he could read compass readings, view images, and even use a teleprompter- all without having to carry around a physical device. This hands-free approach is not only more convenient, but it also allows for a more immersive experience. Plus, with AR, businesses can create custom content that is tailored to their specific audience. For example, in the event of an earthquake, a map of nearby shelters would be automatically shown to anyone wearing the lens who had registered as being in the affected area. A world map would show up if they were anywhere else in the world. The map would update based on real-time data so people are always aware of what’s happening around them. As AR becomes mainstream, you’ll no longer need to go online or look at your phone to stay connected with everything happening in the world. You’ll be able to see it right through your lenses.

CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can't Believe What He Sees
CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can’t Believe What He Sees

The testing process

Perkins was excited to be the first tester of the new AR lens prototype from Mojo. He put on the lens and was amazed at what he saw. The lens allowed him to read compass readings, view images, and even use a teleprompter. Perkins was very impressed with the prototype and is looking forward to seeing the final product. It was so clear, he said. I could see my environment in real time, but I also had all this other information just being fed to me. The actual process took a few minutes to get used to because it’s hard to focus your eyes. Once you do, though, it’s really incredible. There were many uses for the technology that would benefit any traveler: maps, timetables, addresses–they’re all right there in front of you when you need them most.

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How will this change things

Imagine being able to see information about the world around you just by looking at it. That’s the power of augmented reality, and it’s something that Mojo is perfecting with their new AR lens prototype. With this technology, compass readings, images, and even teleprompters can be displayed right in front of your eyes. This is a game-changer for anyone who needs quick access to information. It will also revolutionize medicine as doctors will have a live map of every part of the human body when performing surgery. The implications are endless, but one thing is certain: Augmented Reality is here to stay!

CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can't Believe What He Sees
CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can’t Believe What He Sees

Just recently, Mojo CEO Drew Perkins volunteered to be the first tester of their new AR lens prototype. Perkins tested out several functions including taking a picture with his smartphone and having it instantly appear in front of him so he could look at it through his glasses. He was even able to read his own vital signs from an app that monitors heartbeat, temperature, and blood pressure levels for users so he could compare them to normal ranges. In an interview following his experience with the lenses, Perkins said I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I had never seen anything like it.

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When do we see it?

The new augmented reality (AR) lens prototype from Mojo is something out of a science fiction movie. And yet, it’s very real. CEO Drew Perkins was the first tester and he couldn’t believe what he saw. The lens allowed him to read compass readings, view images, and even use a teleprompter. It’s truly amazing what this technology can do. When will it be available to the public? That’s yet to be determined but we’re hoping soon! In the meantime, we’ll have to stay tuned for more updates from both Drew Perkins and Mojo. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us next!

CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can't Believe What He Sees
CEO Tries on New AR Lens Prototype and Can’t Believe What He Sees

Since when did our gadgets get so smart? Not only can you take photos and videos, you can now make video calls thanks to recent improvements in technology. Making a video call has never been easier than with some of today’s best smartphones, which are loaded with tech that lets you communicate without actually being there with another person. Just think about how useful that would be for businesses or schools looking to connect with clients or students on-the-go. Some Android devices even allow you to move your head around while on a video call as if talking face-to-face over Skype! Now that’s pretty futuristic stuff right there…

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Will consumers accept it?

It’s hard to say whether or not consumers will accept augmented reality technology, but if CEO Drew Perkins is any indication, they just might. Perkins was the first tester of a new AR lens prototype from Mojo and he was absolutely amazed by what he saw. Not only could he read compass readings, view images, and use a teleprompter, but he could also do all of this without feeling weighed down by the lens. If this technology is available to the general public, there’s no telling what they’ll be able to do with it. Will it replace their smartphone? Will they carry both around in their pockets? Will they never again look at their phone? The answer to these questions is still unclear, but one thing that isn’t unclear is how much potential augmented reality has for people who need hands-free access. For example, imagine having your work instructions floating in front of you while you’re doing something else – like driving! No more having to glance over to check instructions or search through documents while simultaneously trying to maintain control of your vehicle. The possibilities are endless!

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