Google has recently announced a major update to its knowledge panels, giving them a Material You design on both desktop and mobile platforms. The change is part of Google’s efforts to make its search results more user-friendly and engaging. With the new design, users can quickly access information from Knowledge Panels in a visually appealing and organized manner. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the new features of Google’s Knowledge Panels and how they can help enhance your online experience. Google Gives Knowledge Panels a Refresh with Material You Design

Introducing the new design

Google recently unveiled a refreshed design for its knowledge panels on desktop and mobile, called Material You. This new design language was created to provide users with an intuitive and delightful experience that is tailored to their individual needs and interests.

Material You allows users to customize the look and feel of their knowledge panels, giving them the power to make their experience truly unique. For example, they can select a background image or color, choose which fields are visible, and even adjust the size of their knowledge panel. The result is a personalized, immersive experience that’s sure to please.

What makes Material You stand out is its focus on visuals and usability. Its attention to detail is clear in the way it organizes information, from the way related topics are displayed to the subtle animations that appear when scrolling through content. The panel also responds to different device sizes, allowing for an optimal experience regardless of whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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We’re excited about the potential of Material You and what it could mean for users’ experience with Google knowledge panels. This new design language promises to help users better explore and discover relevant content, while making the process easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

What’s changed?

Google has recently given its knowledge panels a fresh new look, with the adoption of Material You design on desktop and mobile devices. Material You is a design language created by Google that emphasizes user-centric elements and experiences. With this update, users can expect to see a more intuitive, streamlined layout that makes navigating through the knowledge panels easier and more enjoyable.

The update applies to all knowledge panels, including those for entities such as people, places, products, and events. The main changes include a more modern color palette, increased use of white space, and larger images that take up the entire panel width. Additionally, the More info dropdown menu now opens up to the right side of the panel instead of at the bottom.

The Material You design language also brings with it a handful of subtle UX improvements. For example, users can now easily scroll through long lists of related items (such as facts or images) by clicking on the arrow icons at the top or bottom of each list.

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Overall, this update is a welcomed improvement to the Google Knowledge Panel experience. With the new Material You design language, users can now find the information they need faster and more intuitively.

How to get the new look

Google has just announced a major redesign of its Knowledge Panels, featuring a fresh look and feel inspired by Material You. This new design is available now on both desktop and mobile, giving you the freedom to experience Google’s search results in a completely new way.

So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, the biggest benefit is that the information presented in Knowledge Panels is now easier to find and understand. With a modern design and layout, all the important information stands out more clearly. Plus, the use of a card-like interface helps make navigating around your query results much smoother.

Now that you know what this redesign looks like, let’s take a look at how you can get it on your device. All you need to do is head to the Google homepage and type in your query as usual. Then, when you see the Knowledge Panel pop up, you’ll notice that it has been refreshed with a new design. From here, you can explore the different sections and categories, discovering valuable information in an intuitive way.

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Google’s Knowledge Panel redesign is a great way to get more out of your searches. With an improved design and better navigation, finding the answers you need has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Check out the new look today!

Why Google made these changes

Google recently announced an update to its Knowledge Panels on desktop and mobile, introducing a new design based on Material You. This update provides an improved user experience and more intuitive access to the information and tools available in Google Knowledge Panels.

Google Knowledge Panels are the knowledge boxes that appear when you search for information about people, places, businesses, and other entities. The redesigned panels feature a modernized look that is consistent with Google’s Material You design principles, allowing users to quickly find relevant information without having to search through multiple pages.

The new panels include several enhancements that make it easier for users to access the content they need. For example, users can now easily access related topics, reviews, and useful links from the panel itself. Additionally, the panels have been optimized to load faster, even on slow connections.

Google Gives Knowledge Panels a Refresh with Material You Design
Google Gives Knowledge Panels a Refresh with Material You Design

Google has also made it easier for people to take action within the panels. This includes the ability to book appointments, purchase tickets, and perform other actions directly from the panel.

Overall, the redesign of Google Knowledge Panels has made it easier for users to access and interact with the information they need. The improved design provides a more intuitive experience, while still offering the same features as before.

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