How Israel uses dolphins for spying??? The Israel Navy gives special training to the dolphins for espionage. And we all should know that if dolphins have brains like humans or more brains than humans, then they can be trained easily! That is why by training him easily, Israel gets him spying on other countries. Especially spying on Hamas, because Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization, then a device like harness and camera is installed on the trained dolphin to pay attention to its activities, and then sitting somewhere far away, Israel The Navy controls that dolphin and the weapon in it, during the attack of the camera installed in it, and easily kills whomever it wants to target, in or near the sea! Dolphins cannot differentiate between friend or foe because they are very calm and very brain fish, so they do not launch deadly attacks. But dolphins can be used for target marking and killing can be part of a similar system. It can also be a weapon. How does Israel use dolphins for spying?

How does Israel use dolphins for spying?

It said the naval unit was chased by the alleged Israeli intelligence agent, which was wearing a harness equipped with weapons capable of ‘assassinating’ Hamas fighters.

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Spokesperson Abu Hamza said in the video that the dolphin was found by one of the group’s fighters.

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