You love watching videos on YouTube, and you love listening to music on Spotify, but you can’t always find the same songs on both platforms. When that happens, it’s tempting to search YouTube for the song you want to listen to and add it to your Spotify playlist from there, but this doesn’t work—Spotify doesn’t recognize YouTube as an official source of music content. So how do you add songs from YouTube to your Spotify music library? There are several steps involved in pulling off this hack, so follow along below so you can learn how to do it! How to Add Songs from YouTube to Your Spotify Music Library

Sign up for a free YouTube account

Signing up for a free YouTube account will allow you to save videos for offline viewing. This is great if you’re planning on adding lots of songs, and you don’t want a lot of buffering time when listening offline. (If it sounds like too much work, keep reading.) Download Video Audio: Before you can add music from YouTube to your Spotify library, you’ll need to download each video audio file. To do so, click Share at the top of any YouTube video page and select Get Audio Link in order to download an MP3 version of that song directly onto your computer.

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Go to the video in question.

If you find a video on YouTube you want, watch it through to completion. If you can’t get through it all at once, go back and check later. At some point near the end of most videos—right when credits are about to roll—there is often a link for downloading and saving in MP3 format. Don’t click that just yet! Instead, copy that URL down or open up another browser window so you don’t lose your place on your original video.

Click the Share button.

The Share button on most YouTube videos will automatically add that song or video to your library. However, if you want a specific video added instead of just any video with your favorite song, right-click on a search result and choose Copy Link Location. Then paste that link into your Web browser’s URL bar.

Select Copy Link, and then click Copy Link

In order to add a song from YouTube, you’ll need to copy its URL. A video’s link is located under Share, Copy link, or Embed. Once you have it copied, open up your Spotify app and paste it into search box (at bottom left). Once you find what you’re looking for in your search results, select Copy Link at top right. Then click on Add to Playlist. You can then start adding songs from YouTube by pasting their links into that same search bar.

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Head over to your Spotify desktop app.

Open up your Spotify desktop app. You can click here for a shortcut on your browser’s toolbar. Click Browse at the bottom of your music library to open up a new window showing all of your songs. This is where you’ll add songs you like from YouTube. Head over to YouTube: On your computer, head over to YouTube and find a song that you want in your Spotify playlist. Click Share in the video window and then select Add to Playlist… Select Spotify: In the pop-up menu, select Spotify – New Playlist… Give it a name: Give it whatever name you want for now; we will edit it later. Hit OK.

Click on Your Music, which is found under Songs.

If you’re logged into your account, you should see a drop-down menu at the top of your screen that reads My Music. Click on it. If you aren’t logged in and aren’t sure how to do that, just click here for instructions. You will then be taken to another page with all of your playlists listed down the left side of your screen. Click on Playlists.: You will then be taken to another page with all of your playlists listed down the left side of your screen.

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How to Add Songs from YouTube to Your Spotify Music Library
How to Add Songs from YouTube to Your Spotify Music Library

Press CTRL+V or Command+V and paste your link into the pop-up window that appears.

A lot of us use both Netflix and Spotify. Now you can enjoy your favorite music on both with a little help from one easy-to-use Chrome extension. How to add songs you like on YouTube to your Spotify music library has never been easier. The tool we’ll be using is called N2M and it connects directly with both services so that you can listen all day long.

Wait for your link to appear under Recent Activity where it will be playable from any device with a Spotify app.

Once you’ve uploaded your music, allow some time for it to appear under Recent Activity where it will be playable on any device with a Spotify app. If you want, you can add a comment and like or dislike any of your songs as well. The more active you are on Spotify, using it regularly and leaving good reviews on albums you really like, increases your chances of getting picked up by users who have similar tastes and interests.

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