Scribe offers the best way to create step-by-step guides and documentation for any process, service or product in just minutes. This short guide will show you how to use Scribe to create your own written instructions, showing every step and accompanied by screenshots of exactly what you should see on your screen at each step of the process. How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe

How do you use the Scribe app?

The best way to get started is by simply using it! Follow along in your editor as you write code, saving and sharing each step of your process. Then try recording an instruction for a project you’re working on, capturing a set of steps that someone else might need later. If you want more tips, follow our Getting Started guide. It has tons of great examples and ideas for how to use Scribe.

How does a scribe work?

A scribe records everything you do while you’re using it, capturing every click and keystroke. You can then rewind or fast forward through your session at any time by scrolling through your Scribe page. From there, you can add voiceover, annotation or text notes to make sure you capture all of your thoughts as you work through a scenario. At any point in your Scribe page, you can copy and paste content into a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word) or presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint) for distribution outside of Scribe.

How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe
How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe

Why use Scribe?

One of the most useful features in Scribe is its ability to reduce training time. For example, say you have created a process for assembling a complex piece of furniture. You can use Scribe to create a step-by-step guide that shows your employees exactly how each step is performed. A picture or drawing can also be added next to each step; such visual instructions are often easier for people to follow than words alone. With just one link, your new employees can gain instant access to instructions on how perform their job tasks, saving you from having them take valuable time away from other projects just so they can get up and running more quickly.

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Getting Started

The first step is always starting out. It’s simple, but not easy. Getting started means taking that small first step on a journey you’re excited about. On top of that, getting started means being comfortable saying I don’t know and admitting you don’t have all the answers—but do have all of them right now! The truth is, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it—you’ll learn something new every day! Welcome to a world where nothing can stop you from getting where you want to go…because there isn’t an inch between here and there. See? Easy peasy.

Inputting Content

The first step is to input content into Scribe. Click on your template, create an output and add in images, data and text. You can also add attachments like PDFs or Word documents. Once you’re done you can save your output as a draft or publish it to an existing library. You’ll find it in your library once it’s published and ready for people to view.

How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe
How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe

Previewing and Saving Drafts

Because guides are a relatively new feature, they’re still being tested out. If you’re worried about your content being published without you knowing, it may be a good idea to save your drafts. To do so, click Save Draft in your guide editor before publishing. Once you’ve finished writing, you can publish and promote it as usual. At any time, you can go back and restore a draft or click Publish Now at which point users will see what you’ve made. You can see when other people are editing or publishing by checking out the Drafts section of your profile under Guide Actions in your Settings tab.

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Embedding in Documentation

One of our favorite uses for Scribe is creating step-by-step guides. When documentation is hard to find or lost, having an easy way for users to create their own documentation can be extremely valuable. Incorporating embedded scribes in your documentation can help provide a useful resource for users and add another layer of security when it comes to guarding against information loss. It also makes sure that important processes are followed every time, which leads us into our next tip…

How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe
How to Create Step-by-Step Guides with Scribe

Sharing Steps

Share a scribe of your process, and other users can add steps or edit your scribe. To start sharing, create a scribe that reflects how you’d like to share it. Once you’re ready to start sharing, click Share on your scribe page and enter a name for your Shareable Link (this will be used as an address for anyone who wants to access and add steps). When you share a link, we also generate a unique title for each step in your guide – which means anyone viewing the shared document will be able to follow along without needing any prior knowledge about what you’re doing. At that point, just send out your shareable link! We make it easy by including an email button on every screen.

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Learning More

A simple Google search will lead you to a host of tutorials and how-to guides. You can even use these tools yourself, just by following along as someone else steps through it. Plus, since many of these sites and tools offer a free trial period, you can get your feet wet before committing. For example, check out Udemy (free) for guided courses in topics ranging from coding and social media marketing to finance and cooking. Or look into Snap2PDF ($4/month), which lets you record your screen or take screenshots, then save them as PDFs. Another great resource is Lucidchart ($7/month), which allows teams to create flowcharts, wireframes and diagrams together online.

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