If you’re tired of dealing with multiple Excel sheets, and you’d like to combine them into one single sheet, you can use this guide on how to merge multiple Microsoft Excel sheets into one. This will make it easier to organize your data, and you won’t have to switch back and forth between individual sheets when you want to view the same information from different perspectives. Follow these steps, and all your data will be ready in one place. How to Merge Multiple Microsoft Excel Sheets Into One

At the top, select the File tab
Click File, and then click Open. In the window that opens, navigate to where your spreadsheet is saved, or type its name in file search box at top. You can select more than one file if you have multiple spreadsheets you want to combine. Or, if you only have one spreadsheet, just hit Enter when it appears in a list of results for your search. (Optional) To add more options for how and where to open your spreadsheet file(s), click Options at bottom right of Open dialog box.

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Select Save As…
In order to merge multiple sheets into one, select Save As from your file menu. Type in a name for your merged sheet, as well as a file type and location you would like it saved. Then, click Save.

How to Merge Multiple Microsoft Excel Sheets Into One
How to Merge Multiple Microsoft Excel Sheets Into One

Select where you want to save your file
If you’re using more than one worksheet in your workbook, make sure you save your final document in a separate folder from those worksheets. You don’t want to accidentally merge them all together.

Use this code in the File Name box – =merge()
In MS Excel, there is an inbuilt formula that lets you merge multiple sheets together into one sheet. This formula takes all of your information and merges it into one. It’s a good way to save on space if you have spreadsheets with many different tabs and are looking for a quicker solution than creating new sheets.

Select Create New Worksheet
Click on Create New Worksheet from under the Home tab in your spreadsheet application. Alternatively, you can also type Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard or click Tools > Create > Blank Workbook if you have a Mac. A new worksheet will appear next to your existing one, and a series of tabs will appear at its top-left corner.

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Select where you want to merge cells from
If you have multiple sheets in a workbook, and you want to combine them into one new sheet, it will be easier if you first select where you want your merged cells to be. This way, when you merge your cells, they will appear on top of your current worksheet. To select where you want new merged cells to go: Click any cell on your spreadsheet.

Click on OK and select Yes if prompted about saving as .XLSX format.
Select any cells that you want to merge (Shift-click or Ctrl-click): Click Data tab: Select Merged Cells and select OK: You may need to scroll down in your data. When you find two adjacent cells that are merged, right click on one of them and choose Ungroup Cells. Repeat until all merged cells are ungrouped: Save as .XLSX format.

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