Have you ever sat down at your computer, ready to start your day, only to spend 20 minutes of your time formatting text on all of your documents? If so, then you’re not alone. While formatting text may seem like the easiest thing in the world, it’s actually one of the most tedious processes out there—and it doesn’t have to be! With our new text-formatting software Pure Paste , you can format entire documents with just one click, and get back to what matters to you—working smarter, not harder! How to Stop Wasting Your Time Formatting Text

Why does it take so long?
The first time someone copies and pastes a long text block they might not think much of it. However, when they need to format it again or move it somewhere else, that small task suddenly takes forever. You have to select every word and then use keyboard shortcuts or right-click options on each word—it’s an enormous waste of time! Pure Paste is a convenient extension for Google Chrome that allows you to reformat any text block quickly with a single click.

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What’s going on behind the scenes?
When you use a word processor, all of your text is actually stored in a form that’s readable by machines. You can see them if you open up a file in notepad or similar – you’ll see lines and lines of characters like \r\n\f0A\b. These codes (called formatting marks) tell your word processor how to format your text, how big it should be, what color it should be, etc.

Is there a better way?
I know what you’re thinking: there’s not much call for software that can reformat text. Well, it turns out that if you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs a lot, there’s plenty of room for improvement—and Pure Paste is about to change your life.

How to Stop Wasting Your Time Formatting Text
How to Stop Wasting Your Time Formatting Text

And now, my friends, I present: PURE PASTE!
This tiny, lightweight Java library is THE BEST THING since sliced bread. If you’re tired of wasting your time formatting text with all those curly brackets, PURE PASTE! is for you. It’s a Java library that makes it easy and quick to format text in your codebase. You can use it in any Java project, whether at work or in open source.

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Try it out. Share your feedback.
Take a look at how it works. Play around with Pure Paste . If you love it, tell us about your experience. If you have any problems or bugs, we want to know about those too! Shoot us an email , leave a comment here , or send us a tweet .

And now it’s time for you to show us what you can do with Pure Paste. Make something great!
The world is full of problems, and you have a better chance than most of solving one. The question is: which problem will you solve? Don’t let it escape your attention that today’s economy rewards people who know how to create value. Share your creativity, even if it doesn’t turn into a profitable business. We look forward to seeing what you can make!

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