Dark mode has become an increasingly popular feature of most smartphones, tablets, and computers. While the feature can be found on Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it requires an iOS software update to activate on your iPhone or iPad’s operating system (OS). Here’s how to turn on dark mode on iPhone and iPad. How to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone

Tap your profile icon

Tap Settings. It’s in your upper-right corner. Under GENERAL, tap Accessibility. Tap Display Accommodations. Tap Night Shift and then turn it on or off depending how you want your screen to look when using your phone at night. You can also set it up so that Night Shift is turned on at sunset or sunrise each day.

Select Display Accent Color

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Select Display Accent Color and choose one of 10 colors that you find pleasing. The selected color will appear in a few key places, including app notifications, app menus, Control Center, and more. Make sure you save any open documents before selecting a new accent color; once it’s applied, you can’t go back!

How to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone
How to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone

Select Dark

This is an easy way to take full advantage of Apple’s new technology without sacrificing battery life. While many people may not think it, each time your phone switches between light and dark modes, it drains some battery power. So, if you want a little more time with your phone before you have to charge it again, turn on dark mode. It’s that simple!

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