I really love to travel, and one of my favorite parts of traveling is exploring the local cuisine. My biggest problem with traveling is that it can be very expensive! I’ve been in the same boat as many people – saving up money to take a vacation just never seemed possible… until I heard about sips! Sips are an incredible savings account that lets you save little bits of money each day into one place, giving you an amazing chunk of savings in no time at all! Here’s how I used them to save up for my vacation, just in time for summer! I used sips to create a budget and save for a vacation

My Financial Goal

I was worried about saving enough money. I decided to use an app that would help me reach my goal by putting aside $40 per week. It worked! In just three months, I’d saved over $1,000. Now we can go on that vacation together!

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I Got Started on Sipage

I’m in my mid-twenties, and I’ve never had much of a financial cushion. Growing up, both my parents worked full-time jobs, so there wasn’t enough time or money to put away much savings. Of course, when you start working as an adult you can get better at planning your finances—but it takes discipline to stick with it consistently. It was hard for me to make saving money habit.

I used sips to create a budget and save for a vacation
I used sips to create a budget and save for a vacation

Creating My Budget

It was difficult at first to stick with my budget, but after just two months of adjusting, I managed to save enough money to buy an airplane ticket. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!

Sticking to my Budget

If you want to start building savings, your first goal should be making sure you’re sticking to your monthly budget. This means tracking your spending so you can see where exactly all of your money is going each month. Once you know what’s getting spent, there are a few strategies you can use in order to create more discretionary income—that is, spending money that goes toward things like vacations, home improvements, or new electronics.

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