Everyone knows Instagram as the place to find beautiful photos and videos from your friends, favorite celebrities, and even cute puppies and kittens. Now, Instagram’s latest feature may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes life just a little bit easier – especially if you have multiple accounts or simply forget to write a caption every once in awhile. The new auto-generated captions offer up descriptions based on the content of the photo or video you upload, so you can share your media without having to write anything at all. Read on to find out more about the new auto-generated captions on Instagram! Instagram Rolls Out Auto-Generated Captions to Videos How Does It Work?

What are auto-generated captions?

Auto-generated captions are those that Instagram will produce on your behalf. They’re not always accurate or in line with what you want to say about a post but if you don’t have time for captioning, it can be a useful tool. You can change any of them by editing them as normal after you post your video. Let’s take a look at how auto-generated captions work and more importantly, how they can help you get through your video editing in half the time.

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What do users need to know about auto-generated captions?

Instagram announced auto-generated captions for videos. What does that mean for marketers and business owners on Instagram? This post will help you understand how auto-generated captions work and answer questions you may have about them.

Instagram Rolls Out Auto-Generated Captions to Videos How Does It Work?
Instagram Rolls Out Auto-Generated Captions to Videos How Does It Work?

When will this feature be available on other platforms like Facebook and YouTube?

The feature will be available on other platforms in a few months. However Instagram is testing it with a few users and it may take a while before it’s actually integrated into all their videos. Furthermore, it won’t be available for all videos. The video needs to have a photo attached in order for it to appear as an option in auto-generated captions.

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