If you’re using Instagram, you’ve probably encountered this error message before: Couldn’t refresh feed. Please try again in a few minutes. This article will provide a few common solutions to the problem and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Instagram Says ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’: What to Do

If you’ve enabled location services on your phone

Instagram says couldn’t refresh feed usually when it can’t access your location. You’ll know this is the case if you keep seeing a message that says, you seem to be offline or you have turned off location services for this account. You’ll need to make sure that your phone is connected and there are no connectivity issues before trying again. Once you’re online, go back into Instagram and try refreshing the feed again.

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Restart your phone

One of the best ways to fix Instagram errors is by restarting your phone. In addition, be sure you’re updated on all updates before restarting, and try logging in from a different location or mobile carrier. If these steps don’t work, it may be time for a new phone.

Log out and back in

If you have trouble refreshing your feed on Instagram and see the message, couldn’t refresh feed, it’s possible that you’ve recently reinstalled the app or set up a new device and need to log out. Once logged out, log back in using your old account or the account that was logged in on your phone before installing or uninstalling. Logging back in will cause the server to refresh your feed with all of your previous posts!

Instagram Says 'Couldn't Refresh Feed': What to Do
Instagram Says ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’: What to Do

Disable notifications

To solve the couldn’t refresh feed problem on Instagram, simply disable push notifications on your phone. Once this is done, you should be able to open up Instagram without it saying couldn’t refresh feed.

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Alternatively, the best way to ensure that you can open up the app without getting the error message is by switching off the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection on your device. This will make sure that Instagram has a chance of refreshing content before loading.

Turn off flight mode

Turning off flight mode and then turning it back on again can sometimes work. This does not fix the problem permanently, but it may temporarily get your Instagram feed working for a little while. Turning off your Wi-Fi also has been shown to be helpful in some cases.

Check your WiFi signal strength

Most likely your WiFi signal is weak, which means that Instagram can’t access your internet connection. In order to fix this issue, you’ll need to move closer to your router and make sure that it’s placed in a central location so that it reaches across the whole area. If you find the signal still isn’t good enough, turn off any other networks on your phone (Bluetooth, Wifi Hotspot) and try again; hopefully this will solve the problem!

Instagram Says 'Couldn't Refresh Feed': What to Do
Instagram Says ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’: What to Do

Check your data usage settings

If you find that your Instagram is saying couldn’t refresh feed, try checking your data usage settings. If this doesn’t solve the problem, make sure that you are connecting to Wi-Fi instead of using mobile data. This can help with loading feeds. If this still doesn’t work, power off and restart your phone. After that, check the date and time on your phone to see if it needs updating too.

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Clear app cache

Clearing the app cache is a quick fix that often fixes this problem. To do so, find your phone’s settings and tap on General. Next, scroll down until you see Storage and tap it. Tap on the storage section of your device and then choose Applications. Find Instagram from the list of apps and select it.

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