The latest update to Google TV has finally arrived in its most stable form, and users can now personalize their devices with their own settings, backgrounds, and even their own music libraries (where available). Personalized profiles have been available on Android devices since last year, and this is the first time they’ve come to Google TV. The feature will be rolling out over the next few days, so there’s no word yet on when you can expect it to arrive on your device. Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV

What Is Personalization?

The first thing to realize about personalization is that it’s not about one-size-fits-all. While personalized recommendations might be what you think of when I say personalization, it goes far beyond that. Personalization really boils down to making your experience more relevant and tailored to what you want—whether you know it or not. With TV, for example, we now have a way for viewers to save their favorite shows, search for what they like, and find out where their favorite shows are airing or available online—all without having to dig through a cluttered guide menu on their box.

What Does It Mean For Me?

The personalized profiles will be available in all new sets, but those of us who already own a Google TV can update to make use of them. Unfortunately, they aren’t available as part of an update. If you want to use profiles you need to buy a new TV and set up your old one as secondary. You’ll still have access to every app and service on your primary set, it just won’t have a profile for your tastes anymore.

Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV
Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV

What Has Changed in the New Version?

In order to use a personalized profile, you need to go into your YouTube settings and find Sign-in. Once there, select Enable Profile and then fill out a few fields. The primary account holder will set up a profile for everyone in their household that can be accessed from any Google TV device in your home. From there, select Create a Profile, choose if you want it to be an Adult or Child profile (if applicable), then log in with your Google account information and create whatever kind of profile you’d like.

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How Do I Enable My Profile?

Clicking Change profile will take you to a screen with a drop-down menu for choosing what type of profile you want. Users can choose to create a new profile and start over from scratch, or select an existing one from their list of Google+ circles. The drop-down lists are populated by accounts already connected to your Google account. Selecting an account lets you pick a name and set up a password for your new profile. Once it’s saved, you will automatically be logged in to that profile any time you launch YouTube or Google Play Movies & TV on your television.

What Can I Use This For?

As you can see, personalized profiles are a great feature for those who have been using Google TV since its launch but it’s also a feature that people who haven’t yet purchased a set-top box will want to pay attention to. Now that users have more control over their home screen and content listings, there’s even more reason for them to take advantage of all that Google has to offer. With new programming partnerships already in place, customers will be able to log in with their Gmail accounts and get instant access to shows they subscribe too through YouTube. If you don’t know what Google is offering but are still intrigued by the idea of Internet-enabled televisions, personalized profiles is definitely something you should learn more about before making your decision.

Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV
Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV

Why Should I Care?

The main benefit of personalizing your profile is that you can create a custom viewing experience around your interests. For example, let’s say you love cooking shows and horror movies. By customizing your profile, you can get real-time recommendations for new shows and movies, then watch them instantly from an app or search results with one click. You can also save programs to a watch list for quick access later—and all without having to leave what you’re doing or keep switching back and forth between applications. It’s pretty nifty. But that’s not all… Personalized Profiles Arrive on Google TV

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Can you have multiple profiles on Google TV?

Yes, you can have multiple profiles on Google TV. You can set up each profile to view a different television or set of content, and there is no limit to how many profiles you can have. For example, if there are two people in your household that use Google TV, then each one could have their own profile and both of them would be able to watch content without any interruptions or interference. If you want more than one user to be able to use your device at once without having to log in every time they need it, then it’s a good idea to make multiple profiles available. It’s important to remember that setting up extra profiles means giving each user their own storage space for apps and pictures.

How do I add another account to my Google TV?

You can sign into another account by going to Settings > Accounts and adding a user in Manage accounts. If you’re asked for a PIN or password, it’s probably either 0000 (if there is only one account), or 0000 / password of your second Gmail account. Once logged in, each user will have their own menu with personal preferences, apps, etc. You’ll be able to go back to your personalized home screen by clicking on your username at the top left of any screen. When you’ve signed out from a profile, you can always return to your regular menu by pressing HOME then Menu.

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Can you add multiple accounts to Chromecast?

As promised, Google has launched support for multiple user accounts on Chromecast. The feature first rolled out in November as part of a Chrome extension, but now it’s available to everyone with an update to both Google’s streaming dongle and Android app. You simply sign into your existing account (or create a new one) when you connect Chromecast, then anyone can use your television with their own personalized preferences: viewing history, apps and even individual shows if they’re signed into Netflix or Hulu Plus. Of course, you can set limits if you want—meaning that your roommates won’t be able to watch hours of terrible reality TV just because they have access to your set top box. Don’t believe us? Here’s a video showing off how it works. Want in?

How do I add another user to my Chromecast?

If you’re planning to use your Chromecast with multiple people in a household, you need to learn how to add user profiles. Your Chromecast will automatically connect with any computer or device that is logged into your Google account, but users can also log in and out of individual profiles directly from their televisions. Just follow these simple steps. 1) Launch an app like Netflix or Hulu Plus on your television. 2) Press down on your remote’s directional pad until you reach Backdrop Settings. 3) Scroll down to Roster and hit OK.

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