It’s no secret that many people find Facebook comments to be a bit annoying. If you’re tired of seeing strangers’ comments on your personal page, you can opt to turn off Facebook comments altogether. Unfortunately, if you own or manage a business page, this isn’t possible, so if you want your fans to continue engaging with your posts, you have to let them have their say! Here are some tips on how to turn off Facebook comments without losing engagement from your fans. Should You Turn Off Facebook Comments?

Why would you want to turn off Facebook comments?

It’s important to keep your online community feel like a real community. When you turn off comments, you’re not allowing other members of your community to speak up and share their opinions. This can quickly cause a divide between people who are vocal about their thoughts and those who aren’t.

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Two ways to shut down comment from your page posts

allow people to comment on your page posts, but not show their comments in your news feed; or turn off all public commenting on your page. Which method should you choose, and why? Write an editorial that explains when you would use each approach and why. Include at least three external links to relevant articles. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting (headings, bold/italic font) so that it is professional grade.

Should You Turn Off Facebook Comments?
Should You Turn Off Facebook Comments?

Who can see the comment thread even if you shut it down?

It’s your call, but think about your reasons for doing so. The comments section gives people a chance to add their thoughts and react to what you share. If you shut down comments on a post, you could lose valuable feedback. On other hand, if negative feedback is coming in frequently (on an otherwise positive topic), closing down comments may be your best bet. Remember that people can still comment on any shares of your original post; they just can’t do it right underneath it.

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Why would you want comment open anyway?

For social media, every interaction is a means to an end: it’s not just about who is looking at your posts, but how they interact with them. Most social media users want to hear from you and know that their comments are being heard. By leaving comments open, your customers will feel like they have a voice and can help contribute to company conversations. They are also more likely to share what you have to say on their own social networks.

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