Today, Telegram announced the release of several exciting new features to help users keep spoilers hidden. With the introduction of spoiler formatting, drawing tools, and other improvements, the popular messaging app has made it easier than ever to share content without ruining the surprise for others. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest features in more detail and discuss how they can help you stay spoiler-free. Telegram unveils new features to help keep your spoilers under wraps

Hiding Text

Telegram, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, recently added a feature that makes it easy to hide text and spoilers. By simply adding a few characters to your messages, you can hide the text from your friends or followers so they don’t accidentally see it. This makes it much easier for people to share spoilers without ruining the surprise for their friends.

The spoiler formatting feature is simple and intuitive. To use it, all you have to do is add three tildes (~~~) before and after the text you want to hide. For example, if you wanted to hide the title of the latest blockbuster movie, you could write ~~~Avengers: Endgame~~~ and only those who click on the text will be able to see it. It’s important to note that this feature only works on text messages, not photos or videos.

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The spoiler formatting feature is just one of the many new additions Telegram has made recently. Not only does it make it easy to hide text, but it also helps keep conversations organized and readable. By using the spoiler formatting feature, you can make sure that your friends don’t get spoiled on the latest movie or TV show while also making sure your messages are still easy to read.

Drawing Tools

The popular messaging app Telegram has unveiled a range of new features to help users keep their spoilers under wraps. One of these features is the addition of drawing tools, which allow users to express themselves more creatively and add a fun element to their conversations.

The drawing tools can be accessed from the “Edit” menu when composing a message, and allows users to draw a picture, or even write out words. Users can select the type of pen, the size, and the color that they would like to use. The tool also allows users to edit their drawings by erasing, undoing and redoing any changes that they have made.

Telegram’s drawing tools are a great way for users to make their messages more personal and unique. It provides an opportunity for them to show off their creativity and express themselves in ways that were not previously possible. With the addition of drawing tools, it is now easier than ever for users to communicate visually with their friends and family.

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Other New Features

Telegram has also added a few other new features to its platform. One of the most interesting additions is the ability to pin messages in group chats. Now, you can make sure important messages are always at the top of the chat window and easily accessible.

Additionally, Telegram has included an improved search feature so that users can find messages quicker and more efficiently. Finally, they’ve added support for third-party apps so that you can integrate them with your account and take advantage of additional features.

These new features make it easier than ever to communicate with your friends and family on Telegram. With the added spoiler formatting feature, drawing tools, message pinning, improved search, and third-party app integration, you can have all the latest tools at your disposal for staying connected.

How to Use

If you’re looking for a way to keep your spoilers under wraps, Telegram has just the feature for you. The messaging app has recently unveiled their new formatting feature that allows users to hide text with spoiler tags. This is an especially useful feature for any groups or chats with members who don’t want to see spoilers or be spoiled by those who do.

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To use this feature, all you have to do is select the text or message that you would like to hide and press the ‘spoiler’ button in the formatting menu. The text will then be replaced with a block of black dots, and anyone who wants to see the text will need to click on it to reveal what it says.

Telegram unveils new features to help keep your spoilers under wraps
Telegram unveils new features to help keep your spoilers under wraps

In addition to the spoiler formatting feature, Telegram also added several other new features, including drawing tools and a redesigned photo editor. With the drawing tools, you can draw directly on photos or videos in order to send more creative messages. The photo editor also gives you access to a number of different filters and effects that can be applied to photos before sending them out.

These new features are available now for both Android and iOS users and can be accessed through the formatting menu in any group or chat. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your spoilers hidden, these new features from Telegram are just what you need!

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