If you’re trying to find something to do when you’re bored, look no further than these great websites. Each one of them offers something different, so if you don’t like one, try another! Happy browsing! The Best Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

If you have a streaming-only membership with Netflix, you have instant access to every episode of Friends and plenty of other shows. In fact, a recent Nielsen study found that Netflix users watch more than two hours of television per day—meaning there’s probably an episode (or seven) of your favorite show that you haven’t watched yet. Start binge-watching now: Just for signing up for Netflix, our viewers get 60% off (for one year) their first month of membership!

Amazon Video
Amazon’s video streaming service isn’t quite as popular as Netflix and Hulu, but is still a worthwhile service. Amazon Prime members can stream thousands of TV shows for free with their membership—including current season episodes. This makes it easy to catch up on all your favorite shows that normally air at a specific time of day (like The Daily Show) or just binge watch an entire season over a weekend.

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The user-generated news and link website is a powerful way to kill time. There are so many subreddits out there, but these are our favorites: /r/mildlyinteresting , which is basically just a page full of cool stuff; /r/todayilearned , where you can learn fun trivia about all sorts of topics; and /r/aww , for all those times when you need a little puppy fix.

One of my personal favorites, Buzzfeed is a great site for entertainment and finding new web series. It’s entertaining, highly interactive, and updated often. It can easily kill time when you have an hour to spare. The Best Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

The Best Websites to Visit When You're Bored
The Best Websites to Visit When You’re Bored

With millions of users worldwide and thousands in your local area, you’re sure to find a pool of educated contributors ready and willing to answer your questions. And, if not, jump into some yourself—you never know what hidden talent is out there waiting for recognition! This community features both topics and people: what they do, where they live, their expertise, etc. There’s also a Meet People feature that puts you in touch with local strangers who share similar interests.

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Google Play Music
Music can act as a quick, free, and delicious distraction. In just three clicks, you can open Google Play Music on your browser, search for any artist or song you’re in-the-mood-for, start streaming music immediately (no download necessary), and continue browsing while listening away. And that’s not all! The Google Play Music app also includes My Library functionality so you can save new artists or songs for later offline play.

Change My View (Reddit)
It’s a community of people who are constantly challenging each other’s views. They argue, debate, and learn from one another on any given topic. In fact, their goal is for every user to leave with a changed view in some way—it’s that kind of community. Have you ever had an issue you can’t seem to resolve with someone else? This is your spot.

Twitter Section: YouTube Section: Google Docs/Drive Section: Medium Section: Wikipedia
What are some great websites you can go to when you’re bored? Whether it’s something super informative, like reading a Wikipedia page on your favorite topic, or a video that makes you laugh, I always find that certain websites can keep me entertained for hours. Listed below are my five favorite things to do online

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