The dark web is often referred to as the hidden internet, the black market or simply ‘evil’. It’s not just a collection of sites that don’t exist to the public or search engines. It’s also not just used for illegal activities (though much of it does host illegal content). The dark web can be used for legitimate purposes, such as creating and testing new software, or for questionable purposes, such as hosting websites with illegal content or services like hacking or stealing personal information. Here’s what you need to know about how it works and why you should be aware of it. The dark side of the internet

Beware of scams on the dark web.

Just because you’re browsing in secrecy doesn’t mean that you can shop with impunity. There are scams on the dark web just like anywhere else on any other part of the internet. A few bad apples will ruin it for everyone. If you see a scam in operation on Tor, please report it so that others can be spared.

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Who are these criminals on this side of the internet?

The dark web is a community of criminals that generate illicit funds by selling illegal goods and services such as narcotics, fraud-related services such as hacking and identity theft, contraband products like weapons and counterfeit money. They prefer to work in anonymity since their activities are considered unethical or unlawful by many. They don’t want their identities revealed because they know they can be traced back to their physical locations which could lead them into trouble with local law enforcement agencies.

The dark side of the internet
The dark side of the internet

Proving your identity while transacting on the deep/dark web.

Many people are well aware of how much private data is stored on websites like Facebook. What fewer people realize is that every time you login to one of these sites with your username and password, someone can see what site you’re logging into and when. By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can create an encrypted connection between your computer and a trusted third party server. Then any other traffic from your device will appear as if it’s originating from that server instead of your actual location. The result?

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Best practices while visiting/transacting on this site.

Here are some of my tips while doing business on these markets. *Always use an anonymous browser like Tor and a VPN service to cover your tracks.*Never reveal any personal information such as your name, address or phone number. *Create a new email account only for buying/selling stuff on darknet markets. *Do not trust anyone who contacts you via private message, PMs are often used by scammers and I have seen people getting hacked after revealing their personal details in PMs.

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