The iPod was one of the first iconic pieces of technology that has come to symbolize the modern tech revolution, and since its 2001 launch it’s been an enduring presence in the world of consumer electronics. With its death this week, however, we mark the end of an era in the history of technology. But how did the iPod come about, and what led to its ultimate demise? Let’s take a look at the iPod’s history and how it came to be one of the most popular pieces of consumer technology ever created. The iPod is Dead: Apple Pulls the Plug on a Music Legend

Why it’s time to move on

The saying goes that records (remember those?) are for classical music and digital files are for rock. The truth is, once you get into music as heavily as most people do, it’s hard to leave something like an iPod behind. For many people, it was their first introduction to digital audio and they grew up using them. That’s why saying goodbye to your iPhone or iPad means saying goodbye to your music library and moving on… but there are plenty of alternatives out there! To help you move into new territory with ease, here’s what you need to know about where your music library goes when you say goodbye to an old friend like your trusty iPod.

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Why Apple made this decision

What’s in it for them? The reasoning behind Apple’s decision isn’t exactly clear. In their statement, they said that although the iPod Shuffle continues to be available, all future hardware will be focused on their streaming service and other devices like iPhones. Is selling hardware becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth? Or are they trying to focus all of their efforts onto growing one type of device versus others that have started to slip into oblivion? Whatever your opinion may be, you can’t deny that today marks an end to an era, just as Microsoft did when they pulled Windows XP from store shelves last year.

The iPod is Dead: Apple Pulls the Plug on a Music Legend
The iPod is Dead: Apple Pulls the Plug on a Music Legend

7 Things That Will Disappear Next

Just because we’re dealing with one icon’s last gasp doesn’t mean we have to mourn just yet. Though many of us have grown up with iPods, and now will have to figure out where our music lives without it, there are still some things in today’s world that won’t be around for much longer. In fact, many of them we haven’t even gotten used to yet—or may not realize their coming demise. If you think music players are on their way out, just wait until these technologies disappear altogether.

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Yes, I still have my first iPod

The very first generation of iPods was small and silver, held 5GB of data, and cost me $350. I still have it in my possession, because once you fall in love with an MP3 player, it’s hard to give up (you don’t want to lose all your playlists!). What I like most about that first-generation iPod is that it was easy to use—and just as important, easy to carry around. The design itself was space-agey enough for back then but also small enough to fit into my palm.

What’s your favorite iPod memory?

Your memories and experiences with your favorite iPod are what make it unique. To honor its place in history, take a look back at some of those memories and let us know what you enjoyed most about your special MP3 player. When writing your memory, remember to keep it as short as possible while sharing all important details that others may find valuable or interesting. You’ll want to consider topics like: Why did you choose an iPod? What made it better than other MP3 players? What do you miss most about it?

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Your Story With Ipod

My favorite device I’ve ever owned was my very first iPod Classic, which I still have and use regularly. At 160GB of storage, it was enormous (especially by today’s standards) but was only $250—an absolute steal at half of what most other manufacturers were charging for their music players at that time. The click wheel made navigating so much easier than any other player on the market, and it had an excellent battery life to boot. It also holds a special place in my heart because it was one of my first big purchases when I started working as a software engineer. It helped me rediscover how much fun listening to music could be, especially since I could now carry thousands of songs with me wherever I went. It’s hard to believe that Apple has decided to kill off its iconic iPod line after 15 years; they truly changed how we listen to music forever. But while they might be gone, they will never be forgotten!

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