Sad news for the edtech startup community – Unacademy, the company behind the popular online learning platform, has laid off another 150 employees. With around 1,500 employees in total now, this is the latest in a series of layoffs that have hit the company in recent months. Founded by Anant Agarwal in 2015, Unacademy was once hailed as one of the most promising edtech startups in the country. However, since then, its fortunes have taken a sharp turn for the worse. In a statement released to media, Agarwal announced his resignation as CEO and stated that he is “deeply sorry” for what has happened to the company. Given the current climate in the edtech space, it’s hard not to be concerned about Unacademy’s long-term prospects. Unacademy: A Look at the Company’s History and Trajectory

Edtech startup Unacademy lays off another 150 employees

Unacademy, a edtech startup that provides online courses, has laid off another 150 employees. This comes after the company laid off 260 employees last year and just raised $6 million in funding earlier this year. The company said in its SEC filing that it is exploring “strategic alternatives” and will report on those efforts next week. With growing competition from rivals like Udacity and Coursera, Unacademy may have trouble sustaining these layoffs for longterm success.

Unacademy: A Look at the Company's History and Trajectory
Unacademy: A Look at the Company’s History and Trajectory

What is Unacademy?

Unacademy is a new online learning platform that helps users get access to high-quality education from the comfort of their own home. Academy offers courses on a wide range of topics, including programming, business, and design. The courses are designed to be convenient and time-efficient, so users can learn at their own pace. Plus, the platform offers a variety of courses on different topics, so theres something for everyone. Whats more, the courses are constantly being updated and revised, so they always offer the best possible learning experience. So why wait? Sign up now and start learning the things youve always wanted to know!

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Unacademy layoffs: 150 employees lose their jobs

Unacademy, a digital learning platform, has announced that it is restructuring its operations in order to focus on e-learning courses for businesses. As a result of these changes, 150 employees have lost their jobs. Affected employees will receive severance and outplacement assistance. The company has also announced that it will be closing down its Singapore office earlier this year. This news comes after Unacademy announced it would be closing down its US and UK offices earlier this year.


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Unacademy: A Look at the Company's History and Trajectory
Unacademy: A Look at the Company’s History and Trajectory

Founder and CEO of Unacademy, Anant Agarwal, has resigned

It is with sadness that we report the resignation of Unacademys founder and CEO, Anant Agarwal. While there are no specifics as to what Mr. Aagarwal plans to do next, its safe to say he will be missed by many who have had the opportunity to take advantage of his courses. We would like to thank him for his contributions to the e-learning industry and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the startups staff and management respond to the closure?

Sources: “Gateway Closes, Leaves Whats Left of Startups Staff and Management in Disarray,” CNET, September 25, 2015, ; ” startup fallout: Gateway leaves behind staff, management in disarray ,” Chicago Tribune, September 25, 2015,

How much money did the startup lose in total?

According to the source, [company name] lost a total of $5 million in its first year.

Did the startup experience any major setbacks during its time?

According to the article “The Top 10 Startup Mistakes” by Jordan Harbinger, there have been a number of setbacks including layoffs, pivots, and funding rounds that went wrong. The source of this information is from the article.

Unacademy: A Look at the Company's History and Trajectory
Unacademy: A Look at the Company’s History and Trajectory

What was the cause of Startup Unacademys closure?

The source of information for the closure of Startup Unacademys is an article on TechCrunch.

What lessons can be learned from this experience?

The lessons that can be learned from this experience are as follows: 1) The importance of communication and coordination between different parts of an organization. 2) The importance of having a plan and being prepared for potential disasters. 3) The importance of having a system in place to track and report damages after a disaster. 4) The importance of training employees on how to respond to disasters.

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150 employees of the edtech startup Unacademy have lost their jobs due to the company’s recent layoffs. Founder and CEO Anant Agarwal has resigned from the company. The company laid off 150 employees in total, with the majority of them being employees based in India. Although the company has not released a statement about the layoffs, it is clear that this is a difficult time for the employees and their families.

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