If you’re an iOS user, you’ve probably already heard about all the cool new features Google brought to the Android app of its browser, Chrome. Now, it looks like we’re going to be getting some of these awesome upgrades on our iPhones and iPads too, although not everything has made the cut just yet. Here’s a list of what we can expect in this release. What’s new in Google Chrome for iOS?

Redesigned app icon

The first thing you’ll notice is a brand new app icon. We’ve redesigned it to be more in line with the other Google apps on your device. The next thing you’ll see is a new tab page. We’ve made it easier to see and access your open tabs, and we’ve also added some handy tools like a search bar so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Finally, we’ve made some under-the-hood improvements to make sure Chrome runs smoothly on your device. For example, Chrome should now use less battery than before when it’s not being used, saving your phone’s precious energy.

Smarter bookmarks management

With the latest update to Google Chrome for iOS, you can now manage your bookmarks more easily. The update includes a new ‘Bookmarks’ section in the Settings menu, where you can view, edit and delete your bookmarks. You can also now organize your bookmarks into folders, making it easier to keep track of them.

What's new in Google Chrome for iOS?
What’s new in Google Chrome for iOS?

To create a folder, tap the ‘Add bookmark folder’ button at the bottom of the screen. Add as many bookmarks as you want by tapping on an existing folder or selecting an individual bookmark. If you want to remove a folder, just swipe it away!

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Custom tabs and incognito mode are finally on mobile

If you’ve been using Google Chrome on your desktop, you’re probably familiar with custom tabs and incognito mode. Custom tabs allow you to open a tab within another app, while incognito mode allows you to browse the web without saving your history. Both of these features are now available on mobile! What does this mean for you? Well, first off, it means that if you’re browsing an email or messaging thread in Safari, but want to search something up quick in Chrome – no problem! Just tap the little icon at the bottom right corner of Safari and boom: Chrome is open inside of Safari. You can also close out of any open tabs (or all) by swiping them away. And incognito mode is just as helpful – for example, if someone wants to look up what your phone number is online when they have access to your computer but not your phone. Just pop into incognito mode from Safari (or from whatever app), type in your phone number and boom: no one will know where that information came from.

What's new in Google Chrome for iOS?
What’s new in Google Chrome for iOS?

Cooler new bookmark shortcuts

With the latest update to Google Chrome for iOS, you can now add your favorite websites to your home screen with just a few taps. Here’s how

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Just tap on Add to Home Screen when you’re using Google Chrome on an iOS device and select which icon and name that website will have on your device’s homescreen. You also have more control over what happens when you tap on a saved site: Rather than having Google Chrome open up automatically each time, choose from one of three options—including Open in Safari if you’d prefer browsing from Apple’s browser instead. This way, if there are any compatibility issues between sites and browsers, such as those that support WebRTC technology or HTML5 videos for instance, these problems can be resolved by switching to Safari where they don’t occur at all. The updated version of Google Chrome is still rolling out gradually but it should be available worldwide soon.

What's new in Google Chrome for iOS?
What’s new in Google Chrome for iOS?

Longer battery life

With the release of iOS 14, Apple introduced a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging. This feature is designed to prolong the life of your iPhone’s battery by learning your daily charging habits and then waiting to charge your iPhone to 100% until you need it. According to Apple, this can lead to up to two hours more battery life per day. So if you’re someone who frequently uses their iPhone throughout the day, this could be a game-changer. In the meantime, Google Chrome has just updated its mobile browser with similar features on Android devices running version 8 or higher. Now when you plug in your phone, your screen will turn off so that the display doesn’t waste energy while charging. You’ll also see a battery icon appear next to each tab which tells you how much power each one is using. Finally, if you open an app while there’s still plenty of power left on your device but without looking at notifications (to avoid distractions), you’ll see an unobtrusive notification at the top of the screen asking if now would be a good time to disconnect from charger.

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