In the wake of WhatsApp being acquired by Facebook, it’s clear that more and more people are using the popular messenger app to keep in touch with friends and family on a daily basis. However, there are some who have criticized the service in the past due to its lack of messaging security, which can be troublesome in certain situations. Fortunately, WhatsApp is addressing this concern by testing out a screen lock security feature in its latest Desktop version update. If you haven’t yet, check out this article to learn more about how to download the latest version of WhatsApp and try out this new feature right now! WhatsApp Is Testing a New Screen Lock Security Feature for Desktop


Recently, WhatsApp has announced that they will be testing the new screen lock security feature for their desktop version. This new feature will be an additional way to secure one’s phone. The main purpose of this new screen lock is so that if someone else uses your device, they will not have access to the WhatsApp app. The only way they would have any kind of access is if you unlocked the phone with your own fingerprint or pin code.

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How it works

The new security feature will ask users to enter their phone number and then send them a code that they’ll need to enter before they can access their account. This is meant to be an extra measure in securing the account and is not as secure as using two-factor authentication, which means that even if someone has your password, they won’t be able to access your account without your phone. The company noted that this new security measure may change from time to time based on user feedback.

The benefits

1) It will stop people from using your computer if it is left unlocked.

2) It will make it harder for people to snoop through your messages or be able to take screenshots of conversations.

3) You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re protected while you’re away from your phone.

4) The screen lock feature will also work on tablets and laptops.

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The drawbacks

Despite being one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp has always been vulnerable to hacking. In fact, up until recently, you could simply open WhatsApp and send messages to anyone in your contact list even if you weren’t on their phone. You can also download all of their previous messages by simply downloading an archive from WhatsApp’s website. The new screen lock security feature is a step in the right direction, but it will still be easy for hackers to gain access if they have physical access to your computer or if someone with your account credentials hands over their computer. Another drawback is that this new feature can only be used on mobile devices.

WhatsApp Is Testing a New Screen Lock Security Feature for Desktop
WhatsApp Is Testing a New Screen Lock Security Feature for Desktop


The screen lock security feature for desktop is currently in beta and only available to Android users. If you’re interested in being invited to the beta test, click Get Started on this page.

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The screen lock security feature will be integrated into WhatsApp’s new desktop app, but it’s unclear if it’ll have any effect on the mobile app. Regardless of what might happen with the mobile app, the new feature will be an excellent way to keep your personal information safe while using WhatsApp on your computer.

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