WhatsApp will soon introduce new ‘Kept’ messages section in its app, designed to highlight and warn users against businesses that violate its commerce policy, The Verge reported on Thursday citing people familiar with the matter. WhatsApp is also developing an option which would allow businesses to send notifications to users even if they are not their friends on the messaging platform, the report said. Facebook-owned WhatsApp plans to roll out these changes as early as next month, it added. WhatsApp to Introduce New ‘Kept’ Messages Section for Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy

WhatsApp is going to add a new feature for business accounts

new kept messages section. This was discovered by WABetaInfo, which reports that WhatsApp will soon be alerting business users when they are violating its commerce policy. If you’re unfamiliar with WhatsApp’s commerce policy, it’s worth going over now because it could have an impact on your business and how customers interact with your brand on WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at what you need to know right now. The feature is still in development, but according to WABetaInfo, it will work like so: if you send a message from your business account and violate WhatsApp’s commerce policy—for example, sending spam or using promotional content that isn’t targeted—the app will tell you about it. When you try to send out another message as part of your campaign, WhatsApp will present a notification saying Message not sent (in English). The notification doesn’t appear every time you try to send out a message; instead, there is an option in settings where users can choose whether or not they want to receive notifications when trying to send unsolicited content.

WhatsApp to Introduce New Kept Messages Section for Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy
WhatsApp to Introduce New ‘Kept’ Messages Section for Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy

The new feature will be called the Kept messages section

WhatsApp will soon introduce a new section on WhatsApp, called Kept messages, which will keep a record of all messages that were not deleted by users after being sent. This new feature is aimed at businesses and merchants who have been creating fake company accounts on WhatsApp with an aim to fool consumers into believing they are contacting customer support representatives of genuine businesses when in reality they are not. WhatsApp will show all such messages in its Kept messages section. Such messages received by customers after September 17th will be saved on their phones as well as be shown in their history menu under Kept message tab.

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Business people can send their customers kept messages

WhatsApp is now introducing a new feature that will allow business people to send messages directly from their WhatsApp contact list and keep them in their recipients’ conversations, even after they delete those messages. These updates come as part of WhatsApp’s commerce initiative, and are specifically geared towards businesses selling products or services. A number of companies have already started using it; e-commerce site Everlane is one such company that could benefit from these features, though WhatsApp has not yet officially announced if they will be implementing them.

Customers can go back and see what they have kept from businesses

WhatsApp to Introduce New Kept Messages Section for Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy
WhatsApp to Introduce New ‘Kept’ Messages Section for Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy

WhatsApp has received flak from users and investors in recent months, especially after it refused to share user data with Facebook, which later went on to launch a similar service. To regain some of that ground and win back customers, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will help users keep track of messages they have kept or not. The report says that while WhatsApp didn’t respond directly, it did confirm that business-related features are in development. This means you can expect a kept messages section soon enough.

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But the end user has to actively opt in

What was your last WhatsApp message? If you’re like most people, you probably can’t remember. WhatsApp is also adding a new kept messages section which highlights which messages have been sent and delivered, ensuring that both sides are on the same page before money changes hands. However, it appears that users will have to opt in to keep their messages if they want them saved. In other words, WhatsApp won’t save your conversations by default; you’ll need to enable it yourself. This should prevent users from accidentally sending something they meant to delete or from forgetting about an important conversation altogether. As long as everyone agrees beforehand—and keeps their end of the bargain—this should help prevent scams on WhatsApp without having any negative impact on regular users.

Adding further with regard to why they chose this name

WhatsApp chooses ‘Kept’ as name of new section; it is not related to Snapchat, spokesperson says. On Wednesday, WhatsApp chose Kept as a name for its upcoming messaging section. The company made a statement in regard to users being able to Keep messages and chats forever. Many took it out of context and assumed that WhatsApp was thinking about developing an identical messaging section like Snapchat. However, a company spokesperson later clarified that Kept was only meant as a metaphor and nothing else.

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new features of whatsapp 2022

they will include a new application which can be used by companies that gives business update, so if someone wants to know about that company they can use whatsapp but when it is time to earn money then they will have to pay. another feature is that when someone sends anything else after 5 mn. those messages will be deleted automatically, a machine learning algorithm has been developed in whatsapp to detect and delete such messages automatically. you will also get information about your contacts on whatsapp through Facebook profile like where he/she works and what kind of car he/she drives. Facebook’s plan is to increase advertising revenue through Whatsapp services rather than just messaging services as facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said It’s early days for WhatsApp monetization. Last month WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum resigned from his post at Facebook following his failure to push back against increased integration with parent company Facebook including end-to-end encryption sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users. There are reports of a split between Mr Koum and Mr Zuckerberg over how much data should be shared with parent company Facebook leading to him leaving both WhatsApp and Facebook.

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