What’s new, WhatsApp users? Today we’re excited to share with you that your favorite messaging app is rolling out one of its most-requested features – avatars! Starting today, some WhatsApp beta users on Android will begin seeing this feature when they connect their phone number to the app. Avatars let you upload an image of your choice and display it next to your name in group chats and on your profile page. To add an avatar to your profile, go to Settings > Account > Avatar and follow the steps there. WhatsNew with WhatsApp? Avatars are Coming to a Beta Near You!

What are avatars?

Avatars allow you to customize your profile picture on WhatsApp by adding an image or sticker. Many people use avatars as an expression of self, a personality quirk, or just to be silly. And it’s so easy – all you need is the latest version of the app and an image saved on your device. Once you’ve got that set up, simply tap on ‘Settings’ from the top menu bar. Then click ‘Profile Picture’ at the bottom of that menu, followed by ‘Avatar’ in the next screen. From there you can upload an avatar and preview how it will look before finally selecting one and saving it as your new profile picture.

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What do avatars look like?

Avatars will be in the form of sticker, and users will be able to send them through chat. The most interesting part is that users can change the size of the avatars, from really small all the way up to life-sized. In addition, they’ll also have access to a variety of different styles and frames for their stickers. Once an avatar has been sent by one person to another, it will automatically update in real time so the recipient can see any changes made. All these features are still being tested so not everyone will see it at once, but we hope you’re as excited about this new feature as we are!

A feature that has been long anticipated by our users is finally coming – Avatars on WhatsApp! As you might know already, our avatars will be available as stickers which means you’ll be able to use them anywhere on the app (in chats and groups). But what does an avatar look like exactly?

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How do I set an avatar?

1) Go to Settings in the main WhatsApp app and tap on Chat Settings.

2) Tap on Avatar. A new screen will appear. It might ask you for permission to access your photo library, so tap on Allow if you want it to access this.

3) Choose an avatar by tapping on it and then press the Done button at the top right corner of the screen. This will save your choice and exit out of chat settings back into your chats list of conversations.

When can I get an avatar?

The beta for the new feature is now open, meaning you can download the latest beta version of the app from Google Play and get your own avatar. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a new My Profile button in Settings which will take you through an easy setup process that includes picking your name and uploading an image. The profile page will also be where you can customize your appearance–whether that means changing your hair color or adding glasses–and change your outfit. The app will automatically generate 3D versions of what the avatar looks like when using different hairstyles, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’ll look good on you.

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What is an avatar and why it was introduced

An avatar is an online representation of oneself. It can take many forms, such as an image, text description, or short video. Some sites use avatars for certain tasks, like adding friends on Facebook or sending private messages on WhatsApp. The idea behind the avatar feature is that it will allow users to express themselves more easily and share information about their mood without having to type anything out in text.

WhatsNew with WhatsApp? Avatars are Coming to a Beta Near You!
WhatsNew with WhatsApp? Avatars are Coming to a Beta Near You!

How can you get it

Users who have been selected for the beta will get an update on their phone in the coming days that includes the new feature. We’ll be rolling it out gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. As we continue to test this new feature, we’ll expand access and make it available for more people. If you can’t wait and want early access, here’s how

How will it be used

Avatars is the latest feature rolling out to some beta users on Android. The new feature will allow you or your friends to upload an avatar that can be used as a video profile picture in chats and group chats. This is just another way for WhatsApp users to express themselves and share their personality. The best thing about this new update is that it’s completely optional, meaning that if you don’t want to use it, you won’t have to.

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