When you upgrade your computer or purchase a new device, you should be able to use it without running into problems. If the browser that you used in Windows 7 or 8 does not open on Windows 10, this can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to get things working correctly again, whether it’s Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox that isn’t launching automatically when you turn on your computer. Here are the reasons why Internet Explorer isn’t opening in Windows 10 and some fixes that will help you get back to browsing the web on Microsoft’s browser of choice. Why is internet explorer not opening in windows 10?

Why is internet explorer not opening in windows 10?
Why is internet explorer not opening in windows 10?

How to open your computer

Press and hold down your power button for about 10 seconds, or until your device vibrates. Once you have turned off your device, open up your computer like you normally would to turn it on. If you are using a laptop, remove any batteries that might be preventing it from closing completely. Then push any remaining pieces of metal into place as if you were putting them together and holding them together manually. Now try to turn on your computer again like normal.

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How to start using your browser

Navigate to Settings > System > Apps & features. Find Internet Explorer, and then click Uninstall. Follow any on-screen instructions. Note: If you can’t find Internet Explorer, see your third-party browser provider for more information on how to uninstall your third-party browser(s). Restart your PC. You should now have a fresh installation of Windows 10, and Internet Explorer won’t be included by default.

How to fix common issues with IE

It may be that Internet Explorer isn’t your default browser. That would mean that every time you went to open a new window or tab, you wouldn’t get IE—you’d get Chrome or Firefox or whatever else happens to be your default browser.

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