So you want to install Windows 10 on your computer, but you can’t download the ISO directly from Microsoft? If you have VirtualBox installed, it’s easy to convert a DVD or USB drive into an ISO that will work with your virtual machine software. This guide will walk you through how to get Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox so you can begin using Windows 10 immediately! Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox: How to Get It and Why You Should

1) What is VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is a virtualization platform that allows users to run more than one operating system at once. Virtual machines, as they’re called, can be downloaded for free from Oracle’s website and are available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Since it’s not necessary to install an entire operating system (OS) inside of a virtual machine, new installations of your favorite OS can happen quickly—and in many cases for free. Learn how to get Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox below!

2) Download Virtualbox

Although Microsoft has made their operating system free for users who have genuine copies of Windows 7 or later, if you’re planning on upgrading from an earlier version of Windows then you’ll need a valid product key. To get Windows 10 ISO from scratch, you can head over to Microsoft here. In order to install it onto your virtual machine, though, you’ll need a virtualization program like Oracle VM VirtualBox. Head over here for downloads and installation instructions.

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3) Install Ubuntu Linux 18.04 ISO in a virtual machine

While most people think of Microsoft as a proprietary, closed-off company, it’s important to remember that there are other operating systems. One of them—the Linux-based Ubuntu—may be right for you. Here’s how to install it in a virtual machine using Oracle’s Virtual Box software. And why should you bother? Well, Windows has its issues. That said, Ubuntu isn’t perfect either. However, by setting up an environment where you can test both out without having to buy two computers or juggle between two machines all day long (which will likely result in more headaches than benefits), it makes choosing between these two options much easier. So here’s how to get started with Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox!

4) Install an SSH Server

Setting up an SSH server is fairly simple. Just install OpenSSH server, which works as both a daemon (service) and a command-line interface, at either end of your VPN tunnel. If you’re working from Windows, open your command prompt as an administrator. The default program for that is called Command Prompt but you can use PowerShell instead if you want; it has more features for scripting but can be harder to get started with if you don’t know any commands yet.

Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox: How to Get It and Why You Should
Windows 10 ISO on VirtualBox: How to Get It and Why You Should

5) Create a USB drive with Windows 10 bootable file

This process involves creating a bootable flash drive for Windows 10. This is so you can install Windows 10 through a USB drive instead of installing it from an optical disc. Follow these steps if you wish to create a bootable USB drive for Windows 8 or above, or if you need help with copying files onto a disc. First, download an .iso file from Microsoft’s website. Next, use a tool like Rufus to create your bootable flash drive. If you don’t have Rufus already installed, download it here (it only takes about one minute). Once Rufus has finished downloading, open up your Start menu and type Rufus into search—it should be one of the first results that pops up.

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6) Connect through Ethernet, then through Network Adapter (optional), then through Wireless Connection (if your host computer supports it).

The first step is simple. Power up your virtual machine, load up your OS’s disc, and go through initial setup (you can skip logging in). Now, click Devices in VirtualBox’s menu bar. Select Insert Guest Additions CD image… from here, then browse for your OS installation disc drive letter. Wait for it to finish downloading (there will be a spinning circle). Reboot once completed.

7) Installing updates and solving problems

Every version of Windows 10 comes with a variety of built-in apps. These apps, along with many software updates, can be downloaded using Windows Update. The default settings for Windows Updates are set to install all important updates as they’re available. If you’re getting ready to create a new virtual machine or migrating from an existing one, you might consider adjusting your update settings so that only important updates are installed automatically.

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Do you need a Windows 10 ISO for VirtualBox?

If you have a Windows 10 installation or are using a Windows 8.1 or 7 OS, it’s possible that you might need an ISO of Windows 10. This free download can be used for installing a new copy of Microsoft’s newest operating system. The software download will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for all available architectures, including x86, x64 and ia64.

How do I get a Windows ISO on a virtual machine?

First, it’s important to make sure you have Windows 10 already installed on your primary computer. If you don’t, then visit Microsoft’s website, register your PC with a valid product key and download the latest version of Windows 10. After you install Windows 10 successfully on your personal computer, move onto creating a virtual machine using VirtualBox.

Can VirtualBox run ISO image?

I hear a lot of talk about installing Windows from an .iso image, but what does that mean, exactly? Put simply, an ISO is nothing more than a file that’s populated with data pertaining to a disc-based installation of Windows. In other words, if you want to run Windows off your hard drive without actually purchasing an optical disc (or downloading an installable version), you’ll need either a bootable USB flash drive or full virtualization software such as Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Can I use my Windows 10 key in VirtualBox?

One of my favorite ways to try out a new operating system is with virtualization. But what if you don’t want to spend any money, or you already have an OS installed? Here’s how to use your Windows 10 key in VirtualBox!

How do you add Windows ISO to VirtualBox?

The easiest way is using VirtualBox Extension Pack. Download it here, then open up your virtual machine settings, click Storage option and choose Import Appliance from dropdown menu. In next screen you need to select .ova file which represents Windows .iso (you can get it for free via torrent or Usenet). Once imported, you can simply mount that virtual disk as a new drive in your VM and install Windows 10 from it.

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